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LUNINGNING is Lea Carla Santos in real life. She was born on November 8, 1984 and the eldest of six siblings. Luningning recalled she has been dancing sincen she was 4 years old and has been dancing on stage in her elementary and high school years.

In one of her TV interviews, Luningning revealed she went to Japan to work as entertainer to help her family financially. There, she honed further her dancing skills unwittingly in preparation for her bigger break in Wowowee.

When Luningning returns to the Philippines, she auditioned for the ASF Dancers which at that time were mainstays in ABS-CBN's most popular noontime show Wowowee. Luningning passed the auditions with flying colors and that's the beginning of her star to shine in TV.

Luningning instantly became a star of the show with her superb and alluring dancing prowess. The host of Wowowee, Willie Revillame, creatively named her Luningning for the main purpose of better name recall for the viewers. That's the birth of the name Luningning and her dance numbers has been a highlight of the show since then.

Luningning's dance steps has been imitated all over the Philippines. You can see young children even in the streets, parties and any events the "Luningning Dance Moves" is always present.

Due to Luningning's popularity blended with her flawless and beautiful body, she was signed by FHM Philippines for the magazine's pictorials. It was followed by a pictorial with a another men's magazine Maxim which boosted Luningning's popularity among men's fantasies.

Luningning is still very in demand all over the Philippines and all parts of the world that has TFC (The Filipino Channel of ABS-CBN) where they can watch Luningning everyday. All out-of-town and even Wowowee's shows abroad, Luningning is always there since most of the fans are waiting for her hot dance numbers.
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